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South Korea: Social Media Marketing Breaks Out

May 30, 2012

As in yesterday’s social media overview of Malaysia, Korean politicians are also leveraging social media in a big way in advance of elections later this year. However, according to my colleague Erik Cornelius it is the (continued) fast rise of social media marketing (esp. Facebook and Twitter) that remains the trend to watch for the rest of 2012.

I remember working with the team to launch our first client Facebook brand page in Korea at the beginning of 2011. At that time we wondered how sustainable the engagement of a community could be – there is no question any more.

South Korea: Social Media Marketing Breaks Out

2012 has been a breakout year for brands on social media in Korea. They’ve proven that they can draw large numbers of fans by engaging people directly and offering something of value – whether that’s improved customer service (SK Telecom), access to offline events (Restylane), interesting information (Swiss Pavilion) or a sense of community (RIM).

There are also a growing number of Korea-specific apps that tap into social media or, in the case of the near-ubiquitous Kakao Talk messenger app, replicate many of the features of a social network on a mobile-only platform. KaKao Talk is going global and their “Brand Talk” service allows brands to promote themselves via Kakao Talk. Daum’s MyPeople is also pushing to gain market share in an already competitive market.

More than half of all Koreans now carry smartphones – making apps, websites and advertising delivered via mobile a very, very hot area for the rest of 2012.

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