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Malaysia: Passion, Pins and Politics Driving Social

May 29, 2012

The second of the Edelman Digital APAC market overviews comes from Malaysia – a fascinating and sophisticated digital/social environment – often (wrongly) glossed over.

The use of social media in the 2008 Malaysian General Election was a landmark event felt across the entire region. As digital market lead Karen Hoh explains, given high social adoption  and usage, there will be much to be learnt by tracking developments for the rest of the year.

Malaysia: Passion, Pins and Politics Driving Social

  • For the second half of 2012, we foresee a bigger spike in the growth of Twitter, especially in view of the coming general elections (GE) for the country. As we had observed in the 2008 GE, much of the success of the opposition party was driven primarily through social networks, giving them the clear advantage in garnering the public’s support and votes. Since that election, we’ve observed the exponential growth of social channels such as Twitter and Facebook, that have become key platforms for political activism and citizen reporting.
  • Other key trends we are observing, is the growth of Pinterest. Pinterest is fast defining the way consumers share their interests online; especially displaying a new social behaviour called “pinning.” Pinning either a design they saw on a website, or pinning and sharing a fashion style they prefer, it’s a new way of keeping track of items or products that they want to go back to, or keep track of. The idea of “pinning” has since penetrated the way Facebook has changed its interface, so that it allows brands to pin wall posts on top of their page.
  • Our advice for brands is to pay attention on how fans share their passions on the issues or topics they like, and leverage that to their advantage. So new platforms, such as Pinterest, are worth exploring for a new campaign or to promote a brand or product or issue.
Malaysia Social Media - May 2012

Malaysia Social Media – May 2012


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