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Japan: Social/Mobile Starting to Move Fast

May 28, 2012

Last May, the Edelman Digital APAC team delivered one of the first regional visuals about the status of social media across the region. For years we’ve produced a whole range of regional IP (including our yearly digital trends deck) – a space that has become increasingly cluttered with data and ‘infographs’ from different sources.

That’s why this year, my regional team felt it would be useful not only to provide a quantitative update on individual markets (see below), but some local context and a look ahead for the rest of the year around what marketers and communicators are likely to see in the fast moving world of social.

After posting an update from 13 key regional markets, I’ll wrap up with the region-wide insights for the rest of 2012. Right, let’s start at the top of the region, with the latest from Edelman’s Digital lead for Japan Alex Erasmus:

Japan: Social/Mobile Starting to Move Fast

If 2011 was the year Japan first noticed the power of social media, then 2012 surely has to be the year we see more investment and creativity. Only a handful of major Japanese brands currently have a social media presence and even less post frequently and with engaging content.

It’s still popular for companies to hire a third party ‘brand voice’ on social platforms, especially Facebook. While this can certainly be effective in a country where consumers need to be given ‘permission’ to buy a product, companies need to think more about differentiating themselves.

In addition, mobile usage of Facebook and Twitter has been relatively low (especially compared to the local mobile gaming platforms), but this appears to be shifting and brands should be aware of this when considering their digital media plan for the rest of 2012 and beyond. Contact  Alex if you’d like more detail into the latest from Japan.



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