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VIDEO: ad tech – From Hype to Stereotype

November 1, 2010

NB: This is a mirror of a post I originally did for Campaign Asia.


Damn, this is hilarious!



Although in true satirical fashion, it’s funny because it’s a bit too close to the reality – conversations about marketing technologies today are orgies of jargon!

When I used to do media training, senior technology execs would argue that geeky, techhie jargon was the only way people in the industry could explain to others in the industry what they were doing – without having to get into rocket-scientist speak.

I think jargon is a poison, but movies like The Social Network show and the current flood of investment money into social media/marketing technology firms, means we’re not likely to see a reduction anytime soon.

I think we all just need a good purge. Okay, I’ll admit it – just yesterday I said “-exchange based buys with complete transparency.” C’mon, you know you know you want to release your jargon – and the truth shall set you free…

Hat Tip to Media Memo via David Armano for the video

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  1. December 10, 2010 11:26 AM

    I saw the video earlier today, it’s great. And you’re right, it’s a bit to close to the truth.

    Jargon is an easy solution. Inside an industry we know the terms that are used and what they mean. Using jargon speeds up communication between two people from the same industry/background as no explanation is necessary.

    Simplifying and making ideas understandable for the layman, now that takes effort, that takes skill.

    We should do that more often.

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