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Mobile Marketing to Become Reality by 2011?

August 22, 2009

I love the Silicon Alley insider chart-of-the-day feed (and it’s well worth subscribing to). The chart belowwas especially surprising, because I knew that the smartphone (esp. touchscreen) market is hot, but it seems that we’re only 2 years away from the pivot point where the phone really starts to become a seriously major way to access web and social media sites.

Mobile Marketing for real by 2011
Mobile Marketing for real by 2011

However, the reality is that I’m still hearing (and seeing case studies of) very few brands talking about mobile marketing in a serious way. Asia still has a way to go before broadband is ubiquitous, but it is the fastest region in the world for mobile adoption. I’m still not having many conversations with brands about mobile marketing – many are still not optimising websites for mobile. However, forecasts like this show it’s a format that will soon be impossible to ignore. Will that be enough – I hope so!

I presented at last April’s Mobile Marketing forum in Singapore and the general consensus remained that mobile remained a massive opportunity unrealised (SMS Gupshop not-withstanding). I’m looking foward to discussing the Asian reality of the opportunity further around mobile marketing further at SPIKES Asia in September and will actually probe clients and industry people I’m meeting more about mobile in the next few weeks and will share what I hear/find.

Interested in your insights and perspectives about mobile marketing – it is massively interesting – but from a marketing perspective is it for real, about to happen, or still a fad? As always, let me know.

Note – this is a mirror of a post I wrote for the MEDIA blog.

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