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Wanna know about social media in China?

August 19, 2009

Last week I was in Beijing with Edelman regional president Alan VanderMolen. Alan has been deeply involved on the mainland since the early 90s. A trip with Alan to any regional market always includes meetings with a range of interesting personalities, from in-house leaders, to top-tier media, to online influentials.

Currently, there’s no doubt about the number one topic for the marketing industry in China – how to successfully plan for and integrate social media into programs. Luckily Alan had his video camera and has published a fascinating range of posts and interviews on his ‘Full Count’ blog that gives a great overview of the latest perspectives around the internet in China, including:

Roger Chen, GM Image and Citizenship for Microsoft Greater China

Jeremy Goldkorn, founder of leading Chinese internet and media firm Danwei

Rui Cheng-gang of CCTV-2 (dubbed by Fortune Mag as China’s Lou Dobbs)

The recent China Trust Barometer results

a perspective on China from Edelman Europe head David Brain

If all else fails, Alan can also point you to the best place for beer and ribs. 🙂

Alan is passionate about the evolving online opportunity and probably the most senior regional agency leader blogging and active on Twitter today (keen to know who else you’d place on this list?).

Upcoming market visits include India, Japan and Korea – where he’s got another range of interesting meetings and interviews planned – worth staying tuned into. I also know he’d welcome any feedback on what content/interviews people would like to see in the future.

NOTE: this is a mirror of a post I wrote for the MEDIA blog.


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