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Why Brandtology and Edelman?

May 12, 2009

Today Edelman announced a regional partnership with one of the hottest social media firms in Asia today, Brandtology. You can read more details about the partnership in MEDIA and Marketing, but I’ve already had a couple of emails asking me why. Here are three thoughts about why I think the environment is right and three thoughts why Brandtology is a great partner for Edelman in Asia:

Why no love for social media so far?

1. Given the massive pressure facing traditional media across the world (yes, despite what some people say, even in Asia), marketers are being boxed into a corner where they can no longer ignore social media. Let’s level-set what we know; social media usage in Asia has spiked dramatically in the past couple of years, people are seeking more information and reassurance from the internet (primarily social media) before they purchase – basically, the online world has a massive amount of influence. Asian marketers have followed this to the tune of approximately 3% of budgets. It’s like emperor’s new clothes – everyone knows the investment is sub-standard, but very few people are doing anything about it in Asia. Why?

2. One of the big holes has been comprehensive analytics that helps marketers and communicators feel as though they can plan a predictable outcome from social media work and then measure it. It still drives me insane that I can go to a major publishers website and can get deeps analytics about every page (where advertising can be sold), except the forums. Forums on news sites have been the big beneficiaries of the downturn, with people going up to respond and converse about the latest economic and business news of the day.

3. To the above point, despite massive traffic, I haven’t seen the major media research firms looking to deliver insight and analytics on huge social media centers of gravity like Whirpool forums in Australia, or flowerpod in Singapore. Despite the clear leadership of forums across Asia, I haven’t seen many social media campaigns being executed outside of blogs or social networks like Facebook. Again, if marketers and communicators aren’t being told by agencies partners that options exist outside of (primarily one-way) three-month marketing campaigns within social media sites, then how would they know? The industry needs to realize that this lack of education is its own fault – and maybe that’s one of the reasons why digital investment has been so low to this stage?

In short, working with Brandtology, we aim to help marketers and communicators understand that the risks and opportunities of social media can be successfully managed with great insights and smart, personally relevant programs. Hell, a lot of people can’t wait to hear more from brands online, but for some reason they are not being told. We will try to fix that.

Why Brandtology?

1. This blog is called digital consortium because I believe it is Edelman’s independence that best-positions us to be successful in the digital world. Our ability to make our own decisions and clear sense of our strengths and boundaries mean that we look for the best local, regional and global partners to complement our thinking and approach. When we evaluate partnerships, we naturally gravitate towards firms with a similar view and an aggressive desire to show value and grow. Brandtology’s approach, desire and values are similar to our own, which means we’ll have fun while we’re doing what we do too!

2. Brantology’s Digital Conversation Management System (DCMS) technology is seriously kick-ass! I’ve played with lots of conversation research tools and Brandtology’s purpose-built interfaces into Asian social-media sites, the dashboards they can produce and having humans verify what the machine throws up make it an offering best-tuned to a comprehensive response across Asia. It also best meets the needs of resource-strapped Asian marketing and communications practitioners, who don’t have to try and set-up and manage the technology themselves.



3. I first met Eddie Chau, co-founder of Brandtology, six months before the company launched. He’s a super-smart, commercial guy. He’s one of many super-smart, commercial guys at Brandtology, including rocket-science-smart algorithm guys, whose brain-power boggles me. I like aggressive partners and Brandtolgy’s desire to have a true region-wide offering (including Japan and Korea soon), means high-quality scale at an affordable price for clients. Always a winning proposition and having a firm like Walden agree, is a feather in the cap of this company that is going places.

So there, you go – Edelman is committed, Brandtology is committed – should be a fun ride! Let me know your thoughts – keen to hear back.

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  1. May 12, 2009 4:30 PM

    Thanks John for those very kind words. I hope the synergy between Brandtology and Edelman will change the corporate world’s perception on social media and fully utilize the power of social media.
    And John, you are a super-smart man too!!!

    Founder & CEO

  2. johnkerrnz permalink*
    May 12, 2009 5:57 PM

    It’s going to be a ride Eddie!

  3. May 12, 2009 11:02 PM


  4. Alan See permalink
    May 13, 2009 12:40 PM

    Well said and great article! I believe that the best and brightest Social Media Marketing tools will empower us to take advantage of this latest phenomenon in Internet Marketing!

    Congrates to both Edelman & Brandtology…

    Alan See
    Brandtology Malaysia

  5. May 13, 2009 4:35 PM

    A marriage made in heaven. Well done both parties. I congratulate you.
    John Bittleston, Terrific Mentor

    Singleton Pte Ltd, Orchard PO Box 733, Singapore 912325

    +65 t: 67321651 f: 64003239 m: 94568785


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