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Time to take the ad out of ad:tech?

May 12, 2009

The speaker list is out for ad:tech Singapore on 9 and 10 June (hover over the topic for current list). Strong line-up, from the great and the good of the interactive firms, to top tier bloggers to Loyalty New Zealand (shameless home-country plug there!).



Who is missing? The communications/PR firms doing the most innovative and end-to-end work around social media and online engagement today. It might come across as sour grapes (it is), but in an field where everyone pretty much agrees:

1. social media is transforming the marketing landscape (disclosure, Steve is a colleague), and

2. that PR firms are a good chance to lead online integration

there is not a single regional PR leader, or digital lead from a PR firm presenting?

The point-of-view and experience of communications firms in online and social media is especially important given the huge pressures rapidly changing the traditional media landscape in Asia and the reality that smart brands will those that successfully manage and balance traditional outreach with direct-to-consumer engagement.

This month’s Mobile Marketing Forum in Singapore weaved online engagement into the agenda and to their credit, organizers DMG now understand the hole in the dialogue. I just wish it wasn’t there at this important forum.

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