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Social Media and/or/vs Marketing

May 4, 2009

Good first post from Mark Cripps of McCann Asia on the MEDIA blog about how marketers might be chasing the next ‘shiny, bright object’ in social media, or rather not giving it the due strategic process it’s due in current briefs.

While I agree with Mark that following the basic tenets of marketing and strategy in the planning process before obsessing on the tool should be a no-brainer, comparing the horizontal medium that is social media with mobile marketing, eDM etc just doesn’t feel right.

Maybe it’s a demonstration of the various different psychologies and perspectives that we who work in the marketing field (mores the better!) come to with social media. In that vein, I want to share an excellent post from Paula Drum ‘10 Tips for Social Media Marketers’ which could almost be a start manual for most marketers.

I’m gratified that marketers are at least acknowledging the elephant in the planning room that is social media – as more experienced is gained, it will be interesting to see how the engagements shake out – at least at this stage, we all agree it’s important… right?!



How do you see Asian marketers getting more involved with social media. Who do you think will lead? It’s going to be fascinating – enjoy the ride!


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