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Time Magazine lets the people speak – do they like what they hear?

March 25, 2009

Love this article from the Time Magazine website. The publication has short-listed the finalists for their Time 100 most influential feature – selecting such luminaries such as Barack Obama, Steve Jobs and Ponzi Madoff. All good choices, right?

Go Miley Cyrus - #18 on public vote!

Go Miley Cyrus - #18 on public vote!

To Time’s credit, they are also running a Your Time Most Influential poll – a chance for the people from mainstreet to have a say on the people that they think have had the most influence on them this year. I have no doubt that no one expected someone called ‘moot’ to be #1 on the list – with over 2 MILLION votes?

Further, to have Korean popstar Rain at #2 and Jon Stewart (my vote!) #5, Britney Spears #6 and T-Pain #7 – it’s a massively eclectic list! Now, some might dismiss these results as the work of pranksters or bloc-voters, but we’ve already seen countless examples of the ‘academic’ world trying and failing to generalise choice for the masses. Wonder if the editors of time even question whether they are out of touch from the users of their website, or if there will be any response at all to the result of the public poll??

My favourite example of the voice of the masses in action is movie critics. It’s now almost standard practice that a movie dismissed by the critics is embraced by the movie-going public (Paul Blart, Twilight… anyone?).

Wonder if it’s time for the bookies to start taking bets on what will be a hit, or what will be a miss based on the opinions of experts. Me – I’m keeping my opinions to myself from here on in!

BTW – in my household, we’d be cheering for Miley Cyrus (#18) to win the Time poll – GO Hannah Montana!


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