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Forget Dell, meet a really successful Twitter business…

February 26, 2009

Ok, so everyone’s heard about how Dell made $1 million from Twitter at the end of last year, but everyone knows that the business models that make the Internet go around continue to be gambling, cybercrime and porn (ok, I might add the social web one day…).

While playing around with Mr Tweet Twitteristics– which I love and always reminds me that I’ve got to participate more – I stumbled upon Marie Luv – star of over 200 films with ‘mature themes,’ but more importantly with close to 2,000 followers and updates Twitter on average 179 times each day (71x more than the founders of Twitter??).  It’s clear that Marie’s Twitter feed is designed to drive people to her blog (modesty has stopped me dropping by) and I’m going to drop her a note to see whether she is challenging Dell in terms of revenue generated from Twitter – my money’s on Marie.

marieluv on Twitter

The lesson for businesses is many – including, use an integrated social web to touch people (pardon the pun) on multiple digital platforms, use different content to entertain/inform, drive people around your online assets and eventually find a way to monetise.

Finally, I think the only reason Marie is so successful is that she follows the golden rule of commenting and responding WAAAY more (179 times a day??!) than talking – it’s a lesson that I’m putting into practice much more from today. I wonder if Marie has an online manager, like Britney?

Do you know of any businesses that seem to be a doing a good job monetising Twitter. No wonder there was confusion as to whether Twitter wanted companies to pay – they don’t.

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