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Why buy newspapers again

February 18, 2009

Got sent a link to Newseum tonight. A great little site that uses flash to present scanned versions of the front page of newspapers from across the US. Now, I’m not American and I’m not that fussed that the mushers are back in Alaska (I kid you not), but it begs some interesting questions about the media industry – one most under pressure from the twin forces of the internet and downturn.

If you’re a media owner, the oldskool in me asks why anyone would allow this copyright info to be scanned and distributed for free. However, the digital coolade drinker in me strongly feels that all content should be free and that new business models that spirit up revenue from nowhere (haven’t we just been through that cycle?) are the way to go.

All I know is that when and if they day comes when newspapers all have the editorial integrity of The Sun, then I’ll be sad for where debate and insight come from – but then again, I always did like the cartoon in the ‘Current Bun.’

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