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Sharing and talking offline getting too hard…

November 15, 2008

This week I presented at Consumer Insights Asia 2008. Was my first time at this particular conference, which had previously been very successful. I was the only person from Comms firm speaking, sharing the stage with the likes of Mindshare, so that’s all good. 14 people in the room – and I’m sure at least six were speakers. As I thought about it more, conferences aimed at the marketing community are no doubt first under the scalpel in a downturn. I’m sure no one in that room was having a positive experience won’t come back – a vicious spiral indeed.

Sad part is that podcamps, unconferences, blogger breakfasts – call them what you will – while they aren’t conferences, remain the focus point for the community to network and share. In early November Singapore Management University organised its second Podcamp – a great event, which tries to add small but important steps to the growth of the social media scene in Singapore. Will it take place again next year, who knows?

It just feels that at a time when it’s more important to enhance skills, share with peers and grow the common understanding that the wind feels like it’s slowly dissapating from the sails. I hope not – and I hope you’re seeing even greater community interaction where ever you might be!!


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