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Post-election positioning – Obama’s biggest conundrum

November 13, 2008

Xiaxue’s blog is a guilty pleasure  – sometimes I agree, sometimes I want to recoil in horror.  Her recent post about the global love-fest going on about Barack Obama is biting, but fair. On the whole I agree with most of what she says. I’m sure in true political/PR fashion Mr Obama is trying to keep expectations on what he and his future administration can do (quickly) realistic, but that ship may already have sailed.

As a constant student of communications, I think his decision to skip the G20 financial summit in Washington is spot-on – the last thing he needs portray is that he has control of the tiller, when he’s got a lot more planning he needs to do before 20 Jan.

It’s a wonderfully interesting comms challenge – one for which (as always) there is no right answer. Take a visible leadership role now and watch the expectations take on a life of their own, hold back for two months and look like you don’t really care about change. Strategic platforms (within a boundary) at strategic times – it’s going to be interesting to see which ones he chooses in the next couple of months and by the time of inaugration whether people believe he’s done the right thing?

What position do you think he should take? Do you actually care? For the record, I ag

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